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Does a freezer cold room need a floor?

Yes !

Chiller temperature rooms can either be floored or floorless.

Freezer coldrooms must have an insulated floor.

kitchen exhaust cleaning in Jamaica

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What is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is much more than simply cooling or heating the air; it offers the perfect balance of temperature, fresh air and humidity, even purifying the air, so that you can enjoy the perfect comfort levels all year around. However rising energy prices and ever growing concerns about the environment mean that air conditioning must be highly energy efficient too and modern systems are engineered to deliver maximum value


What does your grease hood exhaust cleaning service include?

A proper commercial grease exhaust system cleaning (hood cleaning) includes cleaning of the:

Grease Exhaust Fans
Grease Ducts
Hood Plenums (area behind the filters)
Interior of the hoods
Grease trays and grease cups
Grease filters
Access Panels (if present)

We take the extra steps to provide you with: 

Trained and Certified Technicians
A Single Point of Contact for all your Hood Cleaning Needs
Minimize the mess by containing, capturing, and disposing of the waste water for cleaning your grease hood exhaust system
Before and After Pictures so you know it was done right
Ask to see our certificates of insurance and certifications! 

Optional services may include: 

Replacing fan belts 
Replacing broken baffle filters 
Replacing Glass Glob

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